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Welcome to Bullseye Photography! My name is Siddharth, and I’m the kind of person who loves to just take their camera wherever I go. So it was pretty obvious, that, after some experience, I could actually make money off of my photos. So I started a store on Etsy (link is right here) on July 17th, 2023, under the name ‘BullseyePhotosStudio’. And then I thought, why not give lessons as well. So, here we are. I’ve just started giving online lessons just for kids on how to to become a photographer, professional or not, starting from the very beginning. And, it’s completely free! And when I say that, there’s no loopholes, no hidden fees, no nothing! And, you don’t have to click some a link to some fancy website to get these lessons either! They start right below this paragraph, right on this website. So without further ado, let’s get right on with it!

In the following short course, I’ll teach you about the things that you have to always think about before taking any picture, such as lighting and focus.

Don’t worry, there’s more coming right up!


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