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I am a machine learning engineer, applied mathematician and software developer. I mainly specialize in modeling operational business decision problems. In particular, I build tools for practitioners to action on real-world decision problems. I am a generalist who loves working on various sequential decision problems that range from healthcare operations to financial portfolio optimization to hospitality planning. The dynamic nature of these problems imbibe various modeling aspects ranging from time-series forecasting, sequence-to-sequence models, stochastic modeling, experimentation and reinforcement learning under uncertainty. Equally of interest to me is the end-to-end ML deployment, distributed systems architecture and Ops technologies that enable these low latency, streaming and real-time applications.

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Currently, I lead a machine learning team at Teladoc Health. In my previous life, I pursued research in computational mathematics which earned me a MS in Financial Mathematics and PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University. Since then I have worked across the spectrum of data science, software engineering and engineering management roles including being a Data Scientist lead at Seagate Technology, Data Science Manager at Mapquest Inc, Head of Data Science at Brandfolder and Director of Data Intelligence Platform at Avero.