Multiscale Methods in Turbulence

Related Reports

·         “Variationally consistent multiscale formulations and ALE time integrators for Large Eddy Simulation of turbulent flows on dynamic grids”, PhD Dissertation, Stanford University, USA (2008)

Related Journal Publications

·         “Application of the Variational Multiscale Method for Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Flows on Moving/Deforming Unstructured Grids” (with Farhat, C.), Finite Elements in Analysis and Design, Vol.45, pg. 272-279 (2009) [Link]


Related Conference Presentations/Proceedings

·         “Application of a Dynamic Variational Multiscale Method to the LES of Separated Turbulent Flows” (with Farhat, C. and Bou Mosleh, C.), AIAA-2007-0726, Presented at the 45th Aerospace Science Meeting and Exhibit Conference, Reno, USA (2007)