My Favorite Links

Free Online Courses

·         Stanford Engineering Everywhere!!

·         MIT OpenCourseware

·         Prof. Gilbert Strang’s Linear Algebra and Computational Engineering

Particle Filtering

·         Sequential Monte-Carlo Methods (Homepage)

·         10th Machine Learning Summer School (has intro tutorial and matlab code for MCMC and Particle Filtering)

Uncertainty Quantification and Surrogate Models

·         Simulation Informatics

·         UQ @ Various Consequences

·         Sparse Grid Interpolation Toolbox

·         The Least Interpolant


·         The DAKOTA Project (Sandia National Labs)

Machine Learning

·         Course notes from Prof. Andrew Ng

·         Face Recognition Homepage

·         Machine Learning Summer School

PDE’s in Computer Graphics

·         Webpage of Prof. Ron Fedkiw

Parallel Computing

·         Cyberinfrastructure Tutor

·         UCSF Link

Finite Element Analysis

·         Homepage of Prof. Carlos A. Felippa

·         Reduced Basis Method (MIT)

·         Link to iMechanica

Financial Mathematics Links

·         King’s College London