@ Stanford University

Computational and Mathematical Engineering

         Stochastic Methods in Engineering (CME308)

         Advanced Methods in Numerical Optimization (CME334)

Management Science & Engineering

         Investment Science Honors (MS&E242H)

         Advanced Topics in Financial Engineering (MS&E345)


         Functions of a Real Variable (MATH115)

         Stochastic Processes (MATH136)

         Introduction to Probability (MATH151)

         Fundamental Concepts of Analysis (MATH171)

         Measure Theory and Lebesgue Integration (MATH205A)

         Partial Differential Equations of Applied Mathematics (MATH220A)

         Partial Differential Equations of Applied Mathematics (MATH220B)

         Mathematics of Imaging (MATH220C)

         Computational Methods for Fronts, Interfaces and Waves (MATH222)

         Stochastic Differential Equations (MATH236)

         Mathematical Finance (MATH238)

         Computation and Simulation in Finance (MATH239)

         Topics in Financial Mathematics Fixed Income Models (MATH240)

         Computational Signal Processing and Wavelets (MATH 266)

Mechanical Engineering

         Finite Element Method - Linear Dynamics (ME335B)

         Finite Element Method Nonlinear Mechanics (ME335C)

         Fluid Mechanics - Inviscid Flows (ME351A)

         Fluid Mechanics Viscous Flows (ME351B)

         Advanced Fluid Mechanics Flow Instabilities (ME451B)


         Statistical Inference (STAT200)

         Stochastic Processes (STAT217)

         Statistical Methods in Finance (STAT240)

         Monte-Carlo Sampling (STAT362)

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@ Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur